Things To Know About Carol's Food Safety Manager Class

Get the training you need and the Manager Certification Test all in one day!

Pricing and Payments

Cost for Manager Certification Training & Testing is $120.00 per person.

Options: Training only $60.00; Test only $60.00. Onsite test proctoring $130.00 available locally.

Group Rate: For employers sending three or more students, two attend at regular cost, the third and any subsequent students attend at $110.00 each.

Retesting: Students who do not pass are invited to attend the next class at no cost. Retesting cost is $60.00

Payment is due on the day of class. Business check, personal check or cash is accepted. Please make checks payable to FoodServiceAssist. Receipt available.

Training with Carol Miller is a full 6-hour session of personal instruction in a classroom setting of 10-35 students. Printed training materials are included.

"I always recommend attending the training session prior to taking the Food Safety Manager Exam. Having the latest information, along with a thorough review of the tested material, will help you succeed."

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

Testing is administered and manager certifications are maintained through the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP). The NRFSP Certification Program is a national program, valid in all 50 states. Tests are available in English and Spanish (other languages with a 15-day notice prior to test date).

Training Materials

Training books are not included and are not required in Carol's class. Information sheets and reference materials will be distributed during class.

Carol recommends study prior to class and to have a worksite reference. See the Food Code or the resources below.

FDA Food Code (2013 edition)

The national Food Code contains all the information that is covered on the test. The most recent 2013 Food Code is available - For FREE - at the link posted above. Just scroll to the bottom of the page for free download.

NRFSP Food Safety Manager Resources

A variety of Food Safety Manager Certification books are available. For a workplace reference or independent study, Carol recommends the CIEH Food Safety Management Principles or NSF HealthGuard Professional Food Manager Certification Training based on the current 2013 Food Code. These are very readable and affordable guides. To order these books click on the link above, then click online store and then click food safety manager resources.

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